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Baffle Type Filters

New Baffle Type Filters

Whilst not as efficient as Honeycomb Grease Filters , Flame Baffle filters are designed to not only capture grease but to also prevent flames from moving through the filter baffles.

As with all grease filters, Flame Baffle filters work by separating grease from cooking vapours. As grease-laden air passes through the filter it is forced to repeatedly and quickly change direction. As the grease cannot travel as fast as the air it is captured in the filter and drained into a filter tray whilst the air escapes through the exhaust ducting.

Elgee Flame Baffle filters are 45mm thick and they are available in either lightweight robust aluminium or stainless steel and can be supplied with handles. Please use the selection tool to enter the options and the dimensions of the filter that you require. 

Maintenance / Service:

Elgee Flame Baffle filters must be cleaned regularly. Cleaners containing caustic solution must not be used as they will corrode the aluminum from which the unit is made so simply clean the filter using a water jet. 

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